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Tom and Lindsay Hiro - April 17, 2014

We've learned a lot in the past few months. Buying our first home, and being very nervous about it, we wanted to do everything right. Knowing that this would be the biggest purchase of our lives up to this point, we wanted to make sure we were working with the best of the best. We educated ourselves on the entire home buying experience, and once we decided that we wanted to live in Westchester County, we began to research Real Estate Agents. Gail Smith's ABR & SFR certifications are what initially attracted us to her. We interviewed Gail, among other agents with equal qualifications, and it was Gail's comforting personality that kept us working with her. Our decision was further solidified after meeting Judy Guzzi. Judy's awards and accolades were impressive, but again it was her personality that reinforced our intent to work with Judy Guzzi & Associates. Through the entire home buying process, Gail and Judy were readily available to communicate, quick to respond to our needs, and always kept our concerns at ease. The purchase of our condo went smoother and quicker than we could have ever expected. We are now so thrilled to be homeowners! Looking back, we are very happy that we did all of the research that we did before we bought our home. The books, the videos, the interviews... it was all important... However, the biggest lesson learned was that all that really matters in the end is to work with good people that you trust. We put our faith in Gail and Judy and they delivered. We would recommend them to anyone. Feel free to contact us direct with any further questions.


Jill Friedman - 11/8/2011 – Client Seller/Buyer


Highly likely to recommend - Sold a home in 2011.

  • Local knowledge: ****Process expertise: *****Responsiveness:   *****
  • Negotiation skills: *****

I chose Judy Guzzi & Associates because of their honestly as well as their expertise. Judy sold my first condo and when I decided to sell this condo, there wasn't anyone else I would rather have on my side that Judy Guzzi & Associates. She is honest, knowledgeable and protects you and your investment. She truly cares about her clients. 


Eleanor & Anthony Marino – May 20, 2013 - Client, Seller/Buyer

Judith Guzzi and Assoc. has represented us with buying and selling properties in the last three years. Her expertise, knowledge, and accountability as a realtor is outstanding. She really works for her clients and she is concerned about what will make you happy!

Valerie Sorel – August 23, 2013 – Client - Helped me sell a home

I highly recommend Judith and her team. She will make this process as smoothly as possible. Her honesty and transparency will help the buyer as well as helping you sell as there will be a total transparency which allows to quickly move thru all the steps needed in order to achieve a closing. I also have to mention Gail. She was just a gem and helped me ease my anxiety and always was available to help out. Selling a house is stressful but with this team you will have the easiest ride possible. I HIGHLY recommend them. You will sell your house and keep your sanity!


 Shelley Quintano

To Whom It May Concern: I have had the pleasure of having Shelley Quintano as a realtor. She worked endlessly for approximately four months to find me the home of my dreams. Shelley conducts herself with integrity. She can be counted on not just to work hard, but to represent her client in a positive light. I explained to Shelley what my preferences were and she was diligent about meeting my needs. In addition, she went over and beyond the call of duty by dealing with the bank, lawyer and all parties involved to make this daunting process easier for me. Shelley is a talented with excellent communication skills and a strong moral compass. For these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending Shelley to anyone whose looking for their dream home. 

Sincerely, DaRay Simmons Former Client


We just wanted to say -You have been really helpful and a great partner to work with.  We are really glad that you are our friend and realtor.  We can rest easy knowing that it's in your hands.  You are thorough, responsive and responsible - thank you very much for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!

Philip and Resmi Kurumunda  - May 25, 2009 

Shelley is an amazing person. Working with her was amazing it was like a family trip every time we got in the car together. Anyone who uses Shelley will be nothing but satisfied with the services she provides. She goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. I absolutely love the house she helped me to purchase. Thanks Shelley wish you all the best in your career.” May 10, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Allison Andino - hired Shelley as a Real Estate in 2009 -“Shelley is truly a professional of real estate, she always puts her clients interests first and continues to stay current with her industry. I would only hope that you would have the opertunity to work with her.” May 10, 2011

1st Mark Aakjar, Owner, Mark's Inspections was with another company when working with Shelley at Judith Guzzi & Associates. “There are not enough words to describe Shelley's professionalism – Shelley is simply the best! I was forced to choose only three attributes that best describe Shelley, but if I could, I’d choose all of them.

Shelley is very high professional with the deep expertise and the knowledge in the real-estate market, very personable and detail-oriented. She is the buyers-agent, which is of most importance, thus she is fully devoted to the interests of the client buyer. Shelley will dig out every little detail and reveal all the problems she discovers with the house. I have never seen such honorable realtor of such high integrity. She will work her butt off to bring as much value to the customer as humanly possible, will spend as much time as needed to accomplish the goal her client is expecting of her, will go above and beyond to obtain necessary information and will produce the most detailed professional research.

The quality of Shelley's work, her “personal touch” and professionalism make her by far the best real-estate agent on the market anybody could dream of! As I already stated above, Shelley is simply the best!”
October 31, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Dimitry Zinger - hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2010, and hired Shelley more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert October 31, 2010

1st Debra Jordan - hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2010

“I highly recommend Shelley for her outstanding work on finding our new home. I was pleasantly surprised by her professionalism and persistence in our long search. I fully trust her expert opinion on the housing matters and will definitely work with her again.” October 11, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Krasimir Jeliazkov - hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2009 - “After the fire in my apartment I needed a place to live while it was being repaired. The insurance companies were no help, nor were any of the other real estate agents I called. But within days Shelley had found the perfect place and then worked tirelessly to speed up the process so I could move in right away. More than anyone else I dealt with throughout the ordeal she was both compassionate and competent, an all too rare combination these days.” January 31, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

1st David Barnett - hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2008 - “I have worked with Shelley on numerous deals and have found her to be a total professional. She delivers great service to her clients and really knows her stuff. She is a pleasure to deal with and always has the best interests of her client at heart.” November 20, 2009

1st Michael Lombardi, Owner, Law Office of Michael J. Lombardi - was with another company when working with Shelley at Judith Guzzi & Associates. “Shelley helped us locate and purchase a house in Eastchester, NY for myself and my family. Thanks Shelley!” October 23, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

1st Nick Kravitz, - hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2008 - “Shelly Quintano is just a fabulous person with a heart of gold. A wonderful mom with 8 fabulous kids and still manages to be the hardest working and most honest person in the real estate business. If anyone decides to work with Shelly they will not be disappointed. She will always be there for you.

William Deegan
Minch Construction Corp.”
September 23, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st William Deegan - hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2000

“Shelley's experience and work ethic are of great value to her clients. Always very honest and professional - a pleasure to work with.” August 22, 2009

1st John Nicolai, President, John Nicolai Home Inspections, Inc - was with another company when working with Shelley at Judith Guzzi & Associates

“Shelley is every broker's dream. She is intelligent, caring, honest, efficient and hard working. Any seller or buyer who is lucky enough to get Shelley to represent you should know that she will go over the top in every aspect to be sure to get your either your dream home at the best price or sell your home for the price you expect!” July 24, 2009

 1st Judy Guzzi, President and owner/broker, Judith Guzzi & Associates LLC
managed Shelley indirectly at Judith Guzzi & Associates -
“I know Shelley Quintano for several years now. When we first met, she was managing a business and a very large family at the same time. What astounded me was that Shelley actually found time to donate as a religious instructor! In recent years, we met at a real estate continuing ed course. Shelley jumped in to this field with the same enthusiasm and work ethic I knew so well! In addition to her mandated courses, Shelley has taken many elective courses as well, immersing herself and learning as much as possible - a true professional! I highly recommend Shelley Quintano as a highly-educated professional in the real estate field.” June 30, 2009

1st Rosalie Lombardi, Vice President, Ed Lombardi Agency LTD
was a consultant or contractor to Shelley at Judith Guzzi & Associates -
“Shelley is one of the most experienced and professional Real Estate Brokers that I have worked with in my 19+ years of practicing law. Her clients are always satisfied and appreciative of Shelley's never-ending commitment to her clients and she is held in great esteem.” June 26, 2009

1st Lynn Baronti, Esq, Owner, Baronti and Baronti
was with another company when working with Shelley at Judith Guzzi & Associates -
“Shelley is extremely personable, trustworthy and punctual. She is dedicated to helping her clients find their dream property!” June 26, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

1st Peter DeFilippis,
hired Shelley as a Real Estate Agent in 2008 -
“Shelley is one of the best in the business I have met and had the pleasure to work with. She gets the job done quickly and efficiently and a solid partner all throughout. It is good to know that she is on your side and will represent her client to the fullest extent. I would be happy to recommend Shelley to any one of my friends and associates that may need assistance in buying or selling real estate.” June 10, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert  



Gail Smith

Renee Rifelli – Client - Buyer - August 20, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“I have known Gail for over 2 years and she has been a wonderful person to work with. She is very personable, patient and understanding as to what our needs are. She is flexible and accommodating with her time in order to meet our busy schedules. Gail goes out of her way to make sure you have the opportunity to see a number of houses so you can make comparisons and see what is right for you. She is not only a great Real Estate agent but also a great friend.”

Gabriella Longobardo – Client – Buyer – August 26, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

“My husband and I are looking for a home to buy since January. Gail has been showing us places since then. It is always a pleasure looking at apartments with her. She is honest and looking out to our best interest. She is very receptive to our needs and patient with our decisions. She is definitely making the whole process more enjoyable. We already recommended her to our friends and would not switch to any other agent.”

 Dear Gail, 

Words are not enough to express how deeply appreciative we are to you for helping us find our dream home. It is hard to believe that we have been in our new home for almost a year. It seems like only yesterday when we were all riding around town looking for the right place to live. Week after week you arrived at our townhouse early Saturday morning with an itinerary of homes and a warm smile. Throughout our search you demonstrated patience and persistence in helping us to find the “one” and we all know how hard this is to do. For some it’s about price, updates or location. While these are without a doubt important, in our case it was that instant connection to the space that was the primary motivation. This added yet another challenge since it did not limit our search to a particular house style, size or price range. One would think that this would deter you from continuing the search. However, this was never the case. On the contrary, you always cheered us up when we felt discouraged about not finding our house.  We will never forget that terribly hot day in August. New York was experiencing a heat wave and it was about 110 degrees. We looked at about 9 houses in three different towns that day.   Even though it was intensely uncomfortable outside, you came equipped with your water cooler and off we went. We decided on our home that day and have never once regretted it. To further make our dream a reality, you found a buyer for our place in less than a month! You turned a time of great stress into a joyful ride.


We are so thankful and are happy to have come to know you. Though the journey was long, we feel that you have become more than a realtor to us. To us you are now part of our family. We will never forget how you helped us.    Fondly, Brian and Wilma Evans     

Working with Gail Smith was a wonderful experience. We were first time home buyers, and Gail was very patient while we were unsure of where we wanted to live. As a couple, we had many wants that in turn were not very realistic for the money we had. Gail helped us understand what we could afford and where we could get the most of what we wanted for that price.  


It started with a phone call. I explained that we wanted to move from Rockland/Secaucus to Westchester. All we knew at that time was that we wanted to live near the railway so we could get to work in the City easier. She showed us many homes that were all along the Metro North line. We saw places that were very secluded and others that had a lot of life. After each showing, we had a better understanding of what we wanted. Gail would then go back to her office and email us more listings that met the new criteria. We would look through them and then make a time to see the listings that appealed to us. She was always willing and eager to show us new homes that met our criteria. Gail also took us back to the places we were really considering so that we could see them again and show our family members.


Once we had decided on a place, Gail then helped us make our offer. She showed us the comps in the building and made sure our offer was a realistic one. Gail was on top of all our questions, even as silly as they may have been. Gail was in constant contact with us and kept us in the loop with everything going on. She then further helped us find a bank that helped us receive our mortgage. Once this was done, she continued to “hold our hand” all the way to closing. She would call and make sure we were getting everything done that we needed to do and always asked if there was anything else she could do to help us.  


Gail really made sure that this process went as smoothly as possible and stood by our side when it did not. She saw to it that we bought a place we were one hundred percent satisfied with, and we did not settle for anything less. She treated us like one of her own family members and that it was more then just a job to her. Gail, without a doubt, took this stressful time and made it enjoyable and never gave up. We would strongly recommend her services to anyone who needs a home.  


Thank you Gail, you are truly the best,

Jennifer and Anthony


Daniela Cerini

 Chris Stifle -  January 24, 2013 -

From the bottom of my heart...."Working with Daniela has been great; she has top notch communication skills and attention to detail. Her ability to get questions answered in a timely fashion is so key hen you have to make quick decisions. Daniela is very collaborative and looks out for the best interests of her clients.  You feel you are in good hands when making major decisions on where to live.  I wouldn't hesitate to have Daniela represent me in future real estate transactions. She is outstanding".

 Enzo Carlesimo - For some time now, I have known Daniela to be a very intelligent, trustworthy and caring individual. She has always demonstrated compassion towards others and she is genuinely a delightful person to be around with. When it came time for me to purchase my first home, it was a no brainer for me as to who should I choose to be my buyer’s agent. Since I was a first-time home buyer, I was intimidated with the whole process and didn’t quite know what I was getting into. Fortunately, I put my trust in Daniela’s hands and I was not disappointed. She was on top of things from beginning to end and did everything in her power to make the home-buying experience as smooth and painless as possible. I’m grateful for all she has done for me and I’m lucky to call her my friend.

From: Greg O'Brien - October 11, 2013 – Client - Buyer - My wife and I decided we had outgrown NYC life, and thinking we would be more serious about moving in a year, we dipped our toes in the real estate waters by attending an open house in Yorktown. The house had been staged beautifully by Judith Guzzi and Associates, and was shown to us by agent Daniela Cerini.  It was the very first house we ever looked at.  It was also the first house we bought. Working with Daniela and Judith was a pleasant, informative experience. From the initial viewing, inspection, negotiations, and closing, they were there, in person, every step of the way. I give them top marks as far as getting us the best price for such a wonderful house, and for their caring and helpful service to my wife and me.  Their communication with us was outstanding – at no point did I feel as if any information had been glazed over or omitted. The thoroughness of their work made this process far easier than I could have expected; from the initial viewing on August 11th to the closing on October 4thNot only did they sell us a house, they welcomed us into a community.  For that, I will be forever grateful.  Thank you.  Greg and Rebecca O’Brien







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